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Bruchsal, DE

HAHN Automation Group Machining GmbH
Schollengarten 7
76646 Bruchsal | Germany

T: +49 7257 9296 0
E: info[at]hahnmachining.com

Rheinböllen, DE

HAHN Automation Group Machining GmbH
Liebshausener Straße 3
55494 Rheinböllen | Germany

T: +49 6764 9022 0
E: mparts.derhm[at]hahnautomation.group

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History of HAHN Automation Group Machining

Biedermann GmbH was founded in 1961 by Josef Biedermann in Bruchsal, Germany, and specialized in the production of precision turned and milled parts. In 2002 the company was taken over by Alexander Wilser and in 2020 by the HAHN Group.
HAHN Automation GmbH, whose internal production department is located in Rheinböllen, Germany, worked in a team-based 3-shift operation. The department has been managed by Rainer Neu since 2007 and specializes in the production of parts for special machine construction. 
In 2021, the two companies merged to form HAHN Machining GmbH, although the company has been called HAHN Automation Group Machining GmbH since 2023 as part of the rebranding.


Using the most modern machines, production and measuring equipment, our dedicated specialists develop and manufacture custom-made components that also meet the highest requirements.

CNC Lathe Technology 

  • Long and short turned components bar feeders from Ø 2 - 65 mm
  • Production on CNC lathes with max. Ø of 200 mm
  • C and Y axes also process complex contours
  • Use of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, plastics and special materials

CNC Milling Technology

  • 3 to 5 axes milling of milled parts
  • Maximum machine table measures: 2,000 x 3,000 mm

Flat Grinding

  • Ensuring precision in finishing from a single source
  • Rapid response to customer requests
  • Large selection of surface and heat treatments, in close cooperation with long-standing partners

Laser Marking

  • Precise and durable lettering
  • Ensures the identification and traceability of products
  • Company logos, characters, numbers, QR codes, barcodes, and data matrices possible
  • Suitable for one-of-a-kind or small series products
  • HAHN Automation Group Machining will check the quality of the digital submission and the composition of components

CNC Engraving

  • Individual engravings and deep engravings in a variety of materials
  • Control panels, labels, buttons, emblems, tools and other customer requests possible
  • HAHN Automation Group Machining will check the quality of the digital submission and the composition of components

Quality Assurance

  • Consistently meeting customer requirements
  • High level of quality during the planning, design, and production stages
  • State-of-the-art measuring equipment, e.g. 3D measuring technology, rotation measurement instruments, image dimension measuring systems, surface roughness gauges, and many more for permanent quality assurance
  • TÜV-certified since 1995 and always according to the current DIN

Installation of Sub-Assemblies

  • Sub-systems supplier for customers in various industries
  • Service portfolio of a system supplier: From the simple assembly of provided components, to the procurement of necessary purchased parts, and to the complete processing of finished projects
  • The HAHN Automation Group Machining’s production team guarantees the utmost level of accuracy and consistent high-quality during the assembly of components

Design, Development, CAD and CAM Technology 

  • Digital design work stations equipped with state-of-the-art CAD and CAM technology
  • Processing complex 3-D data sets
  • Connected production machinery for fast supply of data to the machines
  • HAHN Automation Group Machining is an innovator in deburring technology and holds a variety of patents


Find our products in the Downloads section.

  • K-HFM/KaKi 2014-1-8-E
  • K-HFM/KaKi 2023-2-8-65
  • KaKi 4014-1-6-E
  • KaKi 3010-1-3-E
  • KaKi 2014-38-3-E
  • KaKi 2014-42-3-RF-E
  • KaKi 2015-1-8-E BACKSIDE
  • KaKi 2014-1-8-E DUO
  • KaKi 2015-1-6-E MMS
  • KaKi 2015 38 3-E MMS
  • KaKi 2015-42-3-RF-E MMS

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Construction with the greatest care, the use of high-quality materials and the mastery of complex manufacturing and finishing processes make HAHN Automation Group Machining your partner of choice.
Certification through independent agents confirms the quality of our services. HAHN Automation Group Machining, which emerged from Biedermann GmbH and production in HAHN Automation, has been certified by TÜV in accordance with the current DIN since 1995: Certificate.


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